CNC Router – Precision Heavy Duty

CNC Routers – Precision Heavy Duty  – RK series – offer precision and power. The solid iron structure guaranties the elimination of vibrations and allows milling with spindles up to 12 KW.

The precision and speed are guaranteed by using the best guide-ways, racks and gearboxes made in Switzerland/Germany.

Price from: 42,480 Euro

Technical information

Structure – precision milled iron profiles
Working surface – 30 mm aluminum
Panasonic Minas A6 servomotors
Racks/pinions and gearboxes from Gudel/Wittenstein – acceleration of 5000 mm/s2 and speed up to 1.5 meters/second
Guide-ways and screwball Bosch Rexroth
Vacuum system – rotary vane pump Oerlikon Leybold, multiple vacuum zones, vacuum channels milled in aluminum
Software – allows 2D cutting and 3D milling, up to 9 installed axys
Inspectioncamera – automatic recognizing of points
Spindle – HSD – manual (from 6 KW) or automatic tool-change (from 5 KW)

Precision Heavy Duty RK3020

Standard versions

  • RK2010
    1000×2000 mm
  • RK2512
    1250X2500 mm
  • RK3020
    2000×3000 mm
  • RK4520
    2000×4500 mm
  • RK6020
    2000×6000 mm


  • Manual spindle

   from 6 KW

18.000 rpm

  • Automatic spindle

  from 5 KW

   24.000 rpm

  • A & C axys

  with automatic spindle

  • Oscillating module

 oscillating knife

  • Tangential module

  tangential knife

         creasing wheel

  • Z axes


Made in Romania

Delivery 45-60 days

Warranty 2 years

Prompt service

Free shipping, installation and training in Europe