Laser Power Cut

In partnership with Fanuc, leader in process automation, robotics and laser applications, Intelligent Labs develops equipment for cutting with laser which stand for the highest standards in terms of quality, precision and efficiency.

Offering a high degree of customization and based on the experience of our specialists in machine tool building and on the vast Fanuc experience in developing servomotors, controllers and laser resonators, Intelligent Labs offers a top European version of this type of sophisticated equipment, at a very good price.

Price from:   189.990 Euro

Technical information

Structure – precision milled iron profiles
Working area – specialized profiles
Fanuc servomotors – Alpha iS
High precision racks/pinions and gearboxes from Gudel/Wittenstein – acceleration of 5000 mm/s2 and speed of up to 2 meters/second
Guide-ways and screwball from Bosch Rexroth
Fanuc laser resonator – Fiber and CO2
Controller – Fanuc – FS 31i
Cutting head – Precitec/Lasermech
GAP sensor

Standard versions

  • LK2010
    2000×1000 mm
  • LK2512
    2500×1250 mm
  • LK3020
    3000×2000 mm
  • LK4520
    4500×2000 mm
  • LK6020
    6000×2000 mm

Made in Romania

Delivery 90-120 days

Warranty 2 years

Prompt service

Free shipping, installation and training in Europe